The residents of La Sierra de Perija, in the oil producing state of Zulia in west Venezuela, recently launched a strong protest opposing coal mining in the area. The Bar

20,000 workers die in China s coal mines every year

too demanding: The Uttar Pradesh government decided on December 14, 2004, to constitute an Irrigation Development and Flood Control Commission. The move is allegedly aimed at merely including

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April 23 marked the end of the 300-year-old coal mining industry in France. On that day, the last symbolic block of coal was extracted from the La Houve mine near the town of Creutzwald, abutting the


The coal industry faces several problems which, if not tackled expeditiously, will only worsen in the years to come

From January 1, 2004, European nations are likely to impose taxes for coal, natural gas and electricity. EU finance ministers recently reached a political agreement on a proposed directive to put in

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