The Seismic Data and Tsunami Alert Centre (SDTAC) of Sri Lanka Geological Survey and Mines Bureau said that a tremor measuring 2.8 at Richter scale was reported from Lunugala area in Badulla in the

Leptospirosis, better known as rat fever, continues to trouble the health authorities.

A Wildlife Incident Support Team (WIST) has been deployed to Sri Lanka by the International Consortium on Combating Wildlife Crime (ICCWC) to help the country combat the rising incidents of poachin

The Colombo Municipal Council Opposition yesterday warned of a possible sewerage contamination in the Colombo City as the present administration of the Council has allowed private sector Gully Bows

The Department of Motor Traffic (DMT) will soon obtain the much-needed permanent Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Units which they plan to set up in Colombo and Kandy to monitor poisonous gases like

The Epidemiology Unit (EU) of the Health Ministry yesterday said that number of dengue cases reported from the beginning of January till early this month was 16,315.

The Colombo Municipal Council (CMC) is now distributing 200,000 garbage collecting bags among residents in the city to implement the collection of 'separated garbage only' program from June 1, Muni

The Health Ministry and the Public Administration and Home Affairs Ministry will issue a joint circular soon making it compulsory for all state institutions to implement dengue control activities e

Over 13,675 dengue patients have been identified at field health inspections conducted from January 1 to May 31, Sri Lanka Public Health Inspectors’ Union Vice Secretary C.S.Muthukuda said.

The number of dengue cases in the Colombo city could increase in the coming weeks as 157 dengue cases have been reported in May alone, the Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr.