The Colombo Municipal Council spends millions of rupees a day on garbage collection, Chief City Administrator Omar Kamil told The Island yesterday.

The Sri Lankan government Thursday said over 57,000 families have been affected by floods caused by record setting rains that lashed the capital Colombo and surrounding areas.

The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) distributed Non Food Relief Item (NFRI) kits to 350 flood affected families in Colombo yesterday.

The kits were provided in response to a general request from the government for assistance for those affected by the recent floods.

Mayors and local government leaders from more than 100 cities of India and seven countries of South Asia gathered in the Capital on Tuesday to attend the launch of a global campaign of

Sri Lankan government is taking measures to eradicate the slums and shanties in the capital Colombo and provide proper housing to the dwellers who have occupied the land illegally.

Sri Lanka Defense Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa who has been put in charge of the Urban Development Authority (UDA) recently told the media that slums and other illegal structures that have been eyesores will be remo

Economic development in post war Sri Lanka is seriously hampered by the absence of a safe and efficient transport system in the capital city and also in the rest of the country. Any talk of development without addressing this issue cannot be serious.

The public transport system in Colombo is in a dire state.

Latest images of Saturn's icy moon "Enceladus" showing jets of liquid and gas coming out from prominent fractures on the satellite's south polar region have left Nasa scientists astounded.

Sri Lanka and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) signed a USD 100 million loan agreement recently to launch the Greater Colombo Wastewater Management Project.

The Government has planned to provide safe drinking water to 100 percent of the urban population, 90 percent of the rural and 80 percent in the estate sector by 2016. Similarly, improved sanitation facilities are to be provided to 95 percent of the urban population, 85 percent of rural and 75 percent of the estate sector.

Sri Lanka has successfully managed Novel Avian Infuenza (A)H1N1 when comparing with the other countries and carried out diagnosis free.

The Government spends over Rs.15,000 to conduct medical tests on a person, a Heathcare and Nutrition Ministry spokesman said.