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A new U.S. government study on Tuesday adds to a growing list of experts concluding that climate legislation moving through Congress would have only a modest impact on consumers, adding around $100 to household costs in 2020.

Scot case was not happy. Vice president of the environmental marketing firm TerraChoice, Case last year sent his researchers into a big-box retail store to evaluate the green advertising claims of some of the products on its shelves. The results were startling: of the 1,018 products TerraChoice surveyed, all but one failed to live up fully to their green boasts.

The Consumers International (CI) battle against marketing of unhealthy food to children has gathered support from domestic groups as well. The London-based CI is an independent consumer network with over 220 member organisations in 115 countries. Ahmedabad's Consumer Education and Research Centre (CERC) and Chennai's Consumers Association of India have joined CI's international research on the subject. Other than these, participating organisations are from the Philippines, Fiji, Malaysia and Korea.

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The US drug companies want to maintain its monopoly over drug pricing a move that will delay the production of cheaper drugs

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a number of international organisations are working towards beefing up food security by creating awareness among consumers. "All future agricultural research, policies and trade opportunities must

Consumer consciousness has yet to make a dent in the mind of the average Indian buyer. That consumer is the king has remained merely a slogan of the consumer movement activists

DO ECO-MARKS and green logos endorsed on products really help the consumer to make an environment-friendly choice? May be not. A recent survey by the National Consumer Council in UK has found