Despite several government programmes, cotton cultivation is riddled with problems

It is not just cotton. Most other crops have also failed in Telangana. The standing chilli crop in Warangal district has been affected by fruit rot, while the early flowering of the rabi paddy

whereby farmers are led into dangerous territories

Various committees appointed by the Union and state governments have visited pest-affected areas in Andhra Pradesh in the past to assess the damage to the crops. However, precious little has

Jute plants in Bangladesh are under seige. About 2,025 ha of jute plants have been attacked by pests in six thanas (local administrative units) of Jamalpur district. Pests locally known as :da

THE agriculture ministry will look into the reported presence of the Karnal bunt infection in one of the consignments of Indian wheat to Turkey. The Turkish agriculture ministry had rejected the

More than 20 years have passed since the Vietnam war ended, but agent orange continues to live on. Agent orange is a highly poisonous herbicide, used as a defoliant for crops and forest cover.

With pesticides no longer a viable means of controlling pests in most cases, the search for alternatives like bio pesticides has proved that there is enough arsenal in plants to bring to heel even the most resistant variety

The fight to control the hibiscus mealy bug which has attacked sugarcane, coffee and cocoa crops in many Latin' Carribean countries, seems to he a losing one. Reportedly, the pest has spread

Scientists are making gloomy predictions that rising temperatures shall jeopardise not just human health but our crops as well