Speaking at a seminar in Lahore the other day on "Challenges and started to experience food shortages. And experts say food scarcity is only going to get worse the world over in not-too-distant a future. Knowing that land is a finite resource, we must adopt timely measures to ensure our future food security.

The U.S. government will make its first in-depth survey of organic farming this spring, an eight-page questionnaire on which crops and livestock are produced, how they are grown and where they are sold.

BHUBANESWAR: Climate change will not only have a single manifestation of rapid and unpredictable temperature rise, but also has tremendous impact on agriculture

The agriculture and plantations sectors in the country from the time of the coffee blight ravaged coffee plantations in the early 19th century have been affected by pests. The Mealy Bug or Piti Makuna is the latest that endangered the papaw cultivations in the country and spread to other crops.

Ludhiana: Woes of wheat growers refuse to end. First it was bad weather and now when the crop is on the threshold of harvest, heavy rains and the high velocity winds hit the state on Friday.

Besides the inclement weather, the yellow rust has also crashed the state

MIDNAPORE, Feb.12: Potato farmers in West Midnapore district are in dire straits as thousands of hectares of crop land have been hit by a pest epidemic. Due to significant loss incurred by the farmers, they will now face difficulties in repaying their loans.

A farmer in Garbeta II block area allegedly committed suicide by consuming insecticide last month through despair at the situation.


Hyderabad, Nov. 4: The Giant African Land Snail (GALS) menace is back in the state and this time showing a more devastating effect. According to the state forest department officials of Araku valley, Paderu and Anantagiri in Visakhapatnam district, Vizaianagaram border area and other Agency areas are the most affected.


WORCESTER (Massachusetts): A wood-devouring beetle has gained a foothold in New England, U.S., and authorities plan to cut down large numbers of infested trees and grind them up to stop the pest from spreading to the region