Pests attack poplar plantations

cotton production in Punjab is likely to suffer if farmers do not take remedial measures against whitefly pests that were detected recently. Regular surveys carried out by entomologists of the

Peach oil may replace some dangerous human made compounds used for pest control

Farmers have a largely unappre

The popular image of termites as timber-munching pests needs to be overhauled. In tropical forests, the vast majority of termites do not conform to the stereotype, say researchers at the National

Coniferous forests of Alaska are being devoured by beetles. Ecologists blame the changing climatic conditions

Forests in Himachal Pradesh are under attack from a deadly pest

Even if the farmers of Andhra Pradesh manage to save some of their crops from pests, they cannot escape pesticides. The administration is as indifferent to the farmers plight as the pests are immune to the toxic sprays. With pesticide companies making

Farmers are not fully aware of the consequences of using chemical pesticides

Cotton crop in general is highly susceptible to a number of pests and diseases. The farmer's problem is further aggravated by the intensive cultivation of the crop with large amounts of