Management of temperate forests has the potential to increase carbon sinks and mitigate climate change. However, those opportunities may be confounded by negative climate change impacts. We therefore need a better understanding of climate change alterations to temperate forest carbon dynamics before developing mitigation strategies. The purpose of this project was to investigate the interactions of species composition, fire, management and climate change on the Copper–Pine creek valley, a temperate coniferous forest with a wide range of growing conditions.

Environmentalists and social activists on Tuesday blamed the authorities concerned for turning a Nelson

From The Bhopal Aftermath To The Niyamgiri Fiasco, Corporate Muscle Stands Exposed

A few key events over the past few months have brought to the fore the duplicity of the Indian corporate sector and exposed, if any further exposure was needed, their principle of putting profits before people.

The environment ministry

Coniferous forests of Alaska are being devoured by beetles. Ecologists blame the changing climatic conditions

Assisted conception of coniferous trees can be a boon for both the environment and the lumber industry

A recent finding shows that over 35 billion tonnes of 'mysteriously missing' carbon dioxide from fossil fuels burnt over four decades went to ground in the coniferous forests of the North.