The study says that during the odd-even phase, DTC needed to provide its most efficient services because people had to leave their cars at home during the two weeks of road rationing.

NEW DELHI: It is fairly clear now that the Delhi government's road restriction scheme in April didn't bring any significant decrease in pollution levels.

Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday admitted for the first time that the odd-even scheme cannot be a long-term "remedy" to air pollution.

Diesel cab owners in Delhi are hoping the government will notify some technology.

Decision over exemption for women yet to be taken; govt. plans to launch publicity campaign

CNG cars exempted from scheme, decision on women drivers pending, said Transport minister Gopal Rai.

Having announced another round of odd-even driving in April, the Delhi government has to gird itself for a crucial test.

Kejriwal To Announce Date Of Next Odd-Even Phase Today

Transport Minister reiterates his stand that the policy had a significant impact on congestion on the Capital’s roads

In a bid to augment public transportation infrastructure in the national capital, the Delhi government has prepared a 20-point agenda for the current year, including installation of CCTV cameras, G