The Aam Aadmi Party government’s recently-concluded odd-even policy will be back in March, Transport Minister Gopal Rai has said.

The bus rapid transit corridor, launched with much fanfare in 2008 and which soon became the bane of car drivers in south Delhi, will get a ceremonial farewell on Tuesday .

The Delhi government's move to allow only alternate use of cars with odd and even registration numbers from 1 January 2016 is a step in the right direction. However, even as such command and control measures will be difficult to sustain, the gains made from these measures will only wane over time. Long-term measures with strong economic incentives to ensure favourable outcomes are imperative for better quality of air and environment. This involves strengthening public transportation systems.

The odd-even car formula in Delhi has brought to the fore the class bias that always existed in the city. Can we learn from history to build a more just and equitable environment for all to live, or will we reinforce the old walls of inequality?

NEW DELHI: As the sun rises over the capital in the new year, people will be anxiously waiting to see how Delhi government's odd-and-even experiment for checking air pollution unfolds.

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The Delhi government has decided to reduce the number of extra buses to be deployed during the odd-even traffic trial to 3,000, down from 6,000 proposed earlier, because of the exemption given to t

Transport minister Gopal Rai said the targeted number of extra buses that will ply during the odd-even scheme starting January 1, has been revised from 6,000 to 3,000.

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It has been cleared by environment department and is currently with the power department