THE return of the dreaded dengue disease is leaving Delhi panic-stricken. Seven people have already died, and 107 have been admitted to various hospitals, according to the sources at the All India

Hong Kong is preparing to tackle the mosquito menace following a sharp rise in the number of dengue cases. Five cases were notified in 1996 and 10 in 1997, but by the end of July this year, eight had

Even as the Municipal Corporation of Delhi is taking strict measures to prevent mosquito breeding, experts feel the onus is more on the government agencies than individuals

a new technique has been developed to kill the dengue causing Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes. Rays emitting from dried marigold flowers dipped in 100 per cent alcohol and ground into a fine paste

One of the four captive bred Siberian cranes released in the Keolandeo National Park near Bharatpur last year has died. The carcass of the dead bird has been sent to the agriculture university at

Community participation is the only way to prevent dengue in the future

heating of the planet can cause the dreaded dengue fever to rise to epidemic proportions. Simon Hales and colleagues at the Wellington School of Medicine in New Zealand believe that the occurrence

ON OCTOBER 17, two-and-half year old Kanika Agarwal bled to death due to dengue fever. That is nothing new to the citizens of Delhi, who saw close to 300 people (if the government is to be

close on the heels of the dengue, yellow fever is threatening to break out in India, according to the World Health Organization. The Aedes aegypti mosquito which spreads the dengue fever

it took more than a 100 deaths in New Delhi to shake the government out of its apathy to the dengue epidemic. The World Health Organization ( who ) recently revealed that it had warned the