• Delhi has the dubious distinction of being the fourth most polluted city in the world according to a report prepared by the committee on environment and forests which was tabled recently in

Can the deadly dengue be controlled by injecting its carrier mosquito with another virus?

Researchers, using needles thinner than human hair, have injected mosquitoes with an aJtered virus that blocked the insects' ability to transmit dengue fever, a major killer i&the tropics, "We

Vietnam is gearing up to combat dengue, a mosquito-bome fever which kills thousands of children in Asia and more than a million worldwide. Aus Aid, Australia's national aid agency, is helping

Planet earth's unhappy rendezvous with deadly viruses contin- ues unabated: this time it is the mosquito-borne dengue. The outbreak has occured in Central America and Mexico's southern states.

The Caribbean region has been warned by a dengue fever alert issued by the Pan American Health Organisation. Although dengue fever is endemic to the region, so far the periodic outbreaks have

With summers arriving in the city soon, the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) on Wednesday said it will procure chemicals, biolarvicides and other material to prevent mosquito-breeding.

The Standing Committee of the MCD has approved four proposals for purchase of chemicals to prevent vector-breeding

The infrastructure development for Commonwealth Games aiming to make the Capital a world class city at a breakneck speed has had an unusual fallout: Alarming increase in gastroenteritis and cholera cases in the national Capital.

Hundreds of people are suffering from

A SAFE vaccine against dengue and dengue haemorrhagic fever has been developed by scientists at Bangkok's Mahidol University, who have been working on a WHO-sponsored research programme for the last