NEW DELHI: Health Minister Yoganand Shastri on Tuesday announced that Asha health workers would be roped in to help in the Delhi Government's drive against malaria and dengue. Reviewing the vector-borne diseases situation with senior officials, he underlined the need to make people aware of the dangers of mosquito breeding in houses. This week one case of malaria and 34 cases of cholera have been reported.

Kolar: The district is facing acute water shortage with 281 villages lacking drinking water facilities and their number is increasing day by day. The drought relief works requires a fund of Rs 18 crores and soon a proposal will be submitted to the government soon said deputy commissioner B Shivappa. He was speaking, presiding a meeting at his office on Monday of draught relief and calamity authority.

There are outbreaks of dengue every year in India. They vary in the predominant serotype involved, clinical features and predominant laboratory findings. This study of the 2006 outbreak in Delhi highlights clinical features and laboratory parameters of dengue cases and compares the clinical features among the adult and paediatric age groups.

Despite huge investments in the health sector and vast manpower deployed, Uttar Pradesh has become a cauldron of diseases. Every second child in the state is under the threat of being attacked by diseases like encephalitis, measles, polio, dengue, malaria, tuberculosis, not to talk of diseases like diarrhoea of which no one keeps a record, but which has a high mortality rate.

NEW DELHI: With the death of a woman at Chandan Vihar in Burari here on Thursday, Delhi has recorded its first suspected dengue death this season. However, the Municipal Corporation of Delhi Medical Health Officer, Dr. N. K. Yadav, said the woman did not test positive for dengue. "Thirty-eight-year-old Ritu was admitted to a local hospital with symptoms of dengue and was later referred to Tirath Ram Hospital where she died on Thursday." MCD criticised

Bangalore: Chikungunya cases continued to admitted at both KC General Hospital and Sriramapura Referral Hospital in Bangalore on Thursday with 33 fresh suspected cases reported in both hospitals. While statewide 21,805 suspected cases of chikungunya have been reported, Health Minister B Sriramulu said that he received reports of suspected cases of dengue in three districts.

By HIMANI CHANDEL The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) is facing tough time with the arrival of early arrival of monsoon this year as the weather has become conducive for mosquito breeding. According to health officials of the civic body, the rains have cooled off the summer heat but are also serving as a catalyst for mosquito breeding. "This year, we did not experience much heat in the summer which has disturbed the ecological balance and the natural eradication of mosquitoes," municipal health officer (MHO) N.K. Yadav said.

The first case of dengue this season was reported from the Karol Bagh area today. The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) staff spent almost the entire day in sanitising the area. The MCD has claimed that it was prepared to handle the situation. The administration has even started implementing measures to prevent the further onslaught of the virus. The MCD team reached the Karol Bagh area and instructed its staff to clean the surroundings, which painted a sad picture of overflowing sewage and filth on roads.

With a view to controlling the prevailing dengue fever and chikungunya in certain areas of Sabaragamuwa, specially in Ratnapura district the health authorities have paid specific attention to combat the breeding of the mosquito. In Ratnapura district it has properly been found out the abandoned gem-pits have become the number one source of the resulting of chikungunya and dengue in most areas of Ratnapura district.

NEW DELHI: Delhi's Deputy Mayor Divya Jaiswal inaugurated an "Anti-malaria and dengue programme' at Rohtash Nagar here on Tuesday. "The Municipal Corporation of Delhi has formulated an action plan for prevention of dengue which is being implemented on a war footing now,' he said.