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Malaysia reported more than 1,000 suspected cases of dengue, although, many turned out to be false alarms. 76 people have fallen to the disease so far, this year; 68 deaths were reported for the same

dengue resurfaces: Delhi is once again in the grip of dengue. The disease claimed its first victim at Apollo Hospital on October 5, 2004. Over 180 cases have already been reported in the capital.

With dengue fever spreading in Bangladesh, Bhutan, Indonesia and Sri Lanka, the World Health Organisation (who) has issued a warning to all neighbouring countries. Around 658 people have died in

MCD adapts new measure to combat dengue and malaria

Dengue grips Bangalore

Singapore is in the grip of dengue fever yet again. Three persons have already died and 440 cases reported since June, compared to 318 during the same period last year. The blame of

The millions affected have many to curse

Structure of dengue virus decoded

According to government reports, dengue fever has killed 321 people in Vietnam so far. The figure has risen by more than 50 per cent since 1997. Tran Hung, an official in the ministry of