Gandhinagar: The Gujarat government eventually came out with an affordable housing policy on Thursday.

Learning from the forgettable experience of the mega earthquake of September 18, 2011, the Government of Sikkim has initiated Rs 391 crore project for constructing resilient houses capable of withs

Civic Bodies Train Engineers But No Survey Done To Categorize Buildings

New Delhi: Tuesday’s mild tremors might not have caused any damage but with Delhi being the epicentre, concerns have been raised about the government’s preparedness to handle an earthquake. Delhi is vulnerable to earthquakes is no secret, considering it falls under seismic level IV.

If a high intensity earthquake hits Assam, Guwahati city will be mostly affected but the affect of the earthquake will be devastating especially in the areas perched on the small and large hills do

Noted geologist and senior professor at the University of Jammu GM Bhat has described the recurring tremors in the state as a “routine activity” but said it could be an indication of a major earthquake in the coming days.

“There is nothing unusual about it (earthquake) and it is a routine activity, as we are in the Seismic Zone-V. The state is prone to tremors measuring 5 and above on the Richter scale. The Bhaderwah and Thathri areas of Doda district witnessed maximum impact of tremors today because these areas were close to the epicentre of the earthquake,” said Bhat over the phone from New Delhi.

The vulnerability of buildings designed before Chennai was classified under ‘seismic zone III’ should be reassessed, says an expert.

Increasing frequency and intensity of earthquakes has renewed the urgency in improving the preparedness and in making the infrastructure earthquake-resistant. Sikkim, a northeastern Indian Himalayan state, was hit by a 6.9 magnitude earthquake of intensity VII on 18 September 2011, which triggered hundreds of boulder falls and landslides, causing extensive damage to public and private infrastructure. An assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the various structures present in rural areas was carried out. Assessment of the quantum of damage indicated that though

With a view to address the issue of unsafe buildings, the Delhi Development Authority on Tuesday decided to set up a separate unit to work out systems for retrofitting or rebuilding buildings cons

New Delhi: An estimated 70% of buildings in east Delhi are prone to damage in an earthquake, lieutenant governor Tejendra Khanna said on Thursday.

A survey of East Delhi has revealed the area’s vulnerability to damage from earthquakes, due to unauthorised construction and lack of adherence to norms.