Increasing the resilience of buildings to natural hazards is essential as we strive to design more sustainable cities. Earthquakes pose considerable risks, as they have caused the highest number of casualties due to natural hazards in the last decade.

The Delhi government’s draft disaster management plan warns that should a powerful earthquake strike the national capital, it would wreck more devastation than a nuclear bomb explosion. Six minor earthquakes in 10 days sometimes is the precursor to a large one.

MUMBAI: The BMC has declared 542 buildings across the city as dilapidated and very dangerous among which 113 very dangerous structures are said to be existing in L ward which includes areas like Ku

Houses collapsed in Kyirong county. In this picture, volunteers help with rescue work at the site of a building that collapsed after the earthquake hit Kathmandu.

As Nepal reels under devastating earthquake, experts today warned that Indian cities like Delhi could suffer heavy casualties even in case of moderate tremors while pointing out the lapses in the b

The India Disaster Report 2013 documents the major disasters of the year with focus on the Uttarakhand Flash Floods and the Cyclone Phailin. Other disasters like building collapse and stampede have also been covered besides the biological disaster (Japanese Encephalitis).

Elizabeth Hausler aims to bring quake-resistant construction to the developing world : Interview.

On the anniversary of Haiti's devastating quake, Nicholas Ambraseys and Roger Bilham calculate that 83% of all deaths from building collapse in earthquakes over the past 30 years occurred in countries that are anomalously corrupt.

The State government on Monday told High Court that the draft Goa Land Development and Building Constructions Regulations (GLDBCR), 2008, has been finalised.
The State government in its affidavit stated that GLDBCR, 2008 has been finalised and notified in the Official Gazette on September 9, 2010.
It also stated that the suggestions made by amicus curiae Norma Alvares would be also taken into co

Adverse conditions such as ground contamination, high temperature, humidity, fluctuating temperature and relative humidity can reduce the life span of the structure, says A.R.Santhakumar Determinant: A major factor influencing the service life of concrete structures is the nature of exposure conditions.