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BEIJING -- China and France agreed Sunday to join hands to combat the "unprecedented" spread of Ebola in western part of Africa.

European Union says ‘increased’ effort needed to tackle Ebola

China on Thursday pledged at least 100 million yuan's (16 million U.S. dollars) worth of additional aid to help West Africa fight the deadly Ebola outbreak.

West Africa's Ebola outbreak, which has been disrupting agricultural and market activities, threatens to erode food security and negatively affect the livelihoods of millions of already vulnerable

Covers All Screening Hands

EU to meet to scale up Ebola response

An outbreak of Ebola in a densely-populated country like India can create a difficult situation as it poses a serious threat, experts said at a conclave organised here to discuss various infections

ON MARCH 25th the World Health Organisation (WHO) reported a rash of cases of Ebola in Guinea, the first such ever seen in west Africa.

A second, smaller Ebola outbreak has been going on in Africa, and a new study shows it has a different source in nature than the massive epidemic raging now in the western part of the continent.

Centre holds all-state meet to assess nation preparedness