A documentary telecast on Rajiv Gandhi's 50th birth anniversary examines the late Prime Minister's environmental initiatives, but finds the country has not moved very far in the direction Rajiv wanted it to go

Now that Doordarshan has acquired a whole bunch of new, invisible channels, it should mean more indigenous programmes on science, environment and development. This was borne out to some extent in the

Burdened by rising joblessness, US President Bill Clinton wants world leaders to meet to find a solution to the vexing problem

THAT A capitalist USA wants to share with the world its ideas for cleaner businesses comes clearly through in Management for a Small Planet. The message: We have made mistakes and botched up the

Sweden is successfully moving towards self-sustaining cities where long-term ecological gains rank higher than short-term economics.

Among steps undertaken by the municipally owned Stockholm Water were renovation of the waste water network, construction of a storm sewer overflow basin and measures to reduce the load on pipes and treatment plants.

In 1987, citizens of Gothenburg accepted the challenge of cleaning up their city and succeeded admirably.

Job creation, to stop migration of its residents to bigger cities, was the aim of Overtornea's action plan.

IT IS TIME for a grand reconciliation between nature and us. Ecological economists fear we may have already entered an era of "uneconomic growth", which impoverishes rather than enriches. They remind

WESTERN urbanisation began with the Industrial Revolution and was accompanied by both economic and social development. But in India and most other developing countries, urbanisation does not reflect