The United Nations (UN), in association with

civil society in India associates the World Bank with economic growth infrastructure, and fiscal stabilisation. This book to some extent confirms this perception. It argues that economic growth

If there is one country that has done quite well for itself in managing the natural environment throughout its history, it is Japan. But the run up to modernisation has changed things. Success has its cost too much of it can be too costly. A

Are the new industrial siting rules a boon or a bane?

To deal with economic poverty , it is necessary to deal with ecological poverty . And people s participation is necessary to undertake ecological restoration

Why is Jhabua, and not kalahandi, a success story?

... on the other hand, they have moved from using cowdung and leaves to logs, considered the more rich of the energy sources. And that too, most of them used what was grown in their own lands

For the State of Forests Reports to move away from being a smoke screen on India s forest cover, the area under plantations and natural forests needs to be clearly separated

Environmental health, that is, health problems that result from changes in the environment, are nobody's business today. The ministry of health says that this is the business of the ministry of

India has been plagued with environmental problems, especially air and water. But there is no voice of protest or joint civic effort to change anything