Severe mercury contamination induced by gold hunters threatens Venezuela's eco system

Ecologist N V C Polunin argues that protected areas are an extreme form of conservation, and that other forms of regulated area management may be more appropriate for the management needs of local

City based perceptions of forest areas have resulted in an overgrowth of wrong categories

Preserving all forms of life holds for a more promising eco future

Commercial exploitation is virtually destroying biodiversity

The beautiful resort is fast greying under the onslaught of modernity

A sturdy mountain tree could transform chilly deserts into lush fields

The extinction of species decreases plant productivity and impairs the functions of an ecosystem like mopping up carbon dioxide

The Maldharis of the Gir national park face eviction because their "unsustainable" economy if threatening the Asiatic lion

THE BOOK focuses on a new environmental agenda for cities, followed by details on environmental problems in the home, workplace and neighbourhood. The treatment of the subject makes interesting