Diversity of species doesn t always help the ecosystem stage a comeback after degradation

Gal pagos, an archipelago straddling the equator 1,000 km west of Ecuador, is probably the world s best known biodiversity zone. But alien species and invasive plants are threatening its unique ecosystem

Creating biosphere reserves, which reconcile the interests of wildlife and humans, may save the Konkan coast

NO ONE understands the value and significance of natural resources better than traditional societies. A realisation of the importance of these resources coupled with animistic beliefs may be the

Species diversity alone is not the whole story of evolution

PERHAPS no other geographical location attracts researchers, non-governmental organisations and social workers like the Indian Himalaya does. Yet, despite all the effort and finances that have gone

A drop in the number of pollinating agents in an ecosystem can snowball into serious consequences for biodiversity

FIRST published in 1997, the book is a contribution to Chapter 13 of Agenda 21 of the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (unced). The world's mountains finally received the

The maverick child has brought about weather changes that threaten the unique ecosystem of Galapagos Islands

> this book is one of the eight books in the Worldwatch Insti-tute's Environment Alert series and raises some contem-porary issues concerning global security. The first part of the book deals