Estimating that televisions and their electronic accessories account for 10 percent of the electricity used in an average household, California

What should have been done ages ago has been sent to different ministries for opinion. This is not the Friday/Sunday issue to be debated upon. If you want to save energy by closing down shops and businesses at 8 pm, then adopt the day light saving scheme to save further. Pushing the clock in summer by one hour, you actually save daylight.

The second largest hydro-power project of the country, 70 MW Mid-Marshyangdi has started production in its full capacity during peak hours since last week.

The hydel project is producing 70 to 75 MW electricity for about two to three hours each in mornings and evenings daily by operating both its turbines, reports say.

In the backdrop of scarcity of electricity one may think of daylight saving by advancing clock timing which is in practice in Europe and other countries. Bangladesh is a tropical country where difference of day and night time is not too wide. Sun shines 10 to 12 hours in daytime around the year. As such advancing the clock by an hour will not be useful for us.

Finance Minister AMA Muhith yesterday said the process of undertaking power projects gets delayed due to fear of corruption, hindering desired results from power generation.

Finance Minister AMA Muhith yesterday said it is unlikely that Awami League would be able to fulfill its election pledge to raise electricty generation by 1,000 megawatts (MW) in the country by the next three years.

Bhopal: Madhya Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) spokesman JP Dhanopia said here on Thursday that the Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has no clear policy for buying electricity. Due to shortage of electricity he has not made any plan or policy as to how much to be purchased, when to purchase and from where it is to be purchased.

Everybody agrees that tomorrow's electrical grid must incorporate wind and solar power seamlessly. But solving the reliability issue won't be easy.

The federal cabinet has approved the Pakistan-Iran gas pipeline project under which Pakistan will import a billion cubic feet of gas for power generation in the country.

The government of NWFP is likely to sell the 18-mega watt electricity of the under construction Pehur Hydro Power Project (PHPP), District Swabi to private sector, sources told Business Recorder on Wednesday. The matter had been discussed in a meeting of Provincial Committee on Investment (PCOI), headed by the Chief Minister NWFP.