Shishir Prashant / New Delhi/ Dehra Dun April 20, 2009, 0:58 IST

States refuse return power due to general elections.

Uttarakhand is facing acute electricity crisis with the state-run power corporation finding it tough to buy it from other states even at higher rates.

P B Jayakumar / Mumbai April 19, 2009, 0:18 IST

TE Narasimhan / Chennai April 19, 2009, 0:52 IST

Severe power shortage has hit industrial production in Tamil Nadu. Companies said production could be down as much as 30 per cent. Sectors like textile, leather and salt appear to be among the worst hit. Industry associations Industry associations put the loss in production at around Rs 4,000 crore.

Director General (Management and Conservation) of Pakistan Electric Power Company (Pepco) Tahir Basharat Cheema said on Friday highly obsolete machinery installed at factories was resulting in inefficient consumption of energy in the Pakistan.

San Francisco: Californians could soon be powering their homes, and no doubt their hot tubs, from a space-based solar electricity programme.

The plan by the state

A TIMELY call by experts at a roundtable the other day for alternative energy sources, undoubtedly, remind the planners both in the public and private sectors of the urgency of expediting the adoption of renewable energy technologies for meeting the growing demands for electricity.

NEW DELHI: Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL) on Thursday stated that its thermal power-generating sets produced over four per cent more electricity in 2008-09 than the previous fiscal beating even the national average and setting a new record.

Seven states yet to unbundle their state electricity boards

Sudheer Pal Singh / New Delhi April 17, 2009, 0:55 IST

The government could complete its six-year-old initiative to unbundle state electricity boards (SEBs) into separate entities for power generation, transmission, distribution and trading business by June 30 this year.

JAIPUR: Rajasthan faced a shortage of 1-crore units of electricity on Tuesday amid the demand for power rising with the onset of summer and the decline in the Northern Grid

The Cabinet has vetoed a long-debated proposal of the Ministry of Water and Power regarding import of 1000 MW electricity from Central Asia -South Asia (CASA) until the projects tariff, economic feasibility and other issues are resolved, sources close to the Ministrys Additional Secretary, Zarar Aslam, told Business Recorder.