SC toughens stand on mining in Aravalli hill range

An exhaustive life cycle analysis of players in the Indian caustic chlorine sector and its impact on environment. Deals extensively with the alarming issue of mercy pollution, its deadly effects. A comparative study with the global scenario.

A clean environment always makes for good economics

Sinha will make life even more miserable for Indians. Wealth will come about but at the cost of the environment

it is difficult to categorise Natural Premises: Ecology and Peasant Life in the Wes

The question is not just of farming chiru. It is about the policy that a country should have towards wildlife conservation, forest dwelling people and the elite

The Haryana State Pollution Control Board (HSPCB) has drawn up a comprehensive environmental management plan for Panipat. The board, however, has compromised on its standards in the very beginning.

A recent study by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) shows that environmental degradation is posing a great threat to human health. The study, An Assessment of Risks and Threats to

If there is one country that has done quite well for itself in managing the natural environment throughout its history, it is Japan. But the run up to modernisation has changed things. Success has its cost too much of it can be too costly. A

NO ONE in the world would disagree that everyone should try to find ways and means to protect and improve the environment. But organisations are better equipped to do something concrete in this