Remains of asbestos mining industry are still polluting the rivers and air in South Africa

Innovative schemes of sponsored reforestation may help combat global warming

Scottish environmentalists oppose use of chemicals to control sea lice and favour organic salmon

Research on snake venom and mongooses could lead to more effective anti venom drugs

The damage that textile production causes to the environment has been a bone of contention for environ

Many cities of the world reel under severe lead pollution as they continue using heavily leaded petrol. The case for the phasing out of lead is stronger than ever before

Unexpected photography from aboard a space shuttle reveals patches of sulphate aerosols which keep some industrial pockets cooler

A new technique that monitors emissions by detecting toxic substances right inside smokestacks, spells anathema for manufacturers who have been dodging pollution laws

With the degradation of the quality of our environment, the incidence of asthma is on the rise. The choking ailment seems to be acute even among children, as pointed out by recent studies in the us

A recent study conducted by the World Wide Fund for Nature International on birds in the Midway Islands proves that pollution too makes the world a small place. In other words, contamination patterns in one area brings within its fold cases of se