BAIKUNTHPUR: A large number of villagers, including children, around Korea district headquarters in North Chhattisgarh are suffering from fluorosis- that cause deformities in children and elderly d

The State Government has made a plan to implement a Mega Flow Water Scheme at a cost of Rs2,600 crore through which 70 litre of safe water per head would be provided to all households in the State.

Union minister for drinking water and sanitation Birendra Singh said that Rajasthan is worst affected by water contamination in the country and 22,254 habitations in the state are yet to be provide

Question raised in Rajya Sabha on contamination of drinking water, 03/08/2015. Rajasthan is the worst State affected with 22,254 water quality affected habitations which are yet to be provided safe drinking water as on 1/4/2015.

50% of the samples taken from govt schools fail lab test

Question raised in Lok Sabha on health problems due to contaminated drinking water, 24/07/2015. Intake of Arsenic contaminated drinking water leads to various clinical complications at times causing death. These clinical complications may also arise because of other reasons as well. There are, therefore, obvious difficulties and data on morbidity and mortality due to Arsenic contamination is not maintained Centrally. As per information provided by Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation, 1800 habitations are affected by contamination due to Arsenic. The details are at Annexure I.

Question raised in Lok Sabha on contamination of ground water, 23/07/2015. Ground water quality data generated by Central Ground Water Board (CGWB) indicates that ground water in various parts in Ten (10) States for Arsenic, Twenty (20) States for Fluoride, Twenty One (21) States for Nitrate, Twenty Four (24) States for Iron, and Fifteen (15) States for Heavy Metals such as Lead, Chromium and Cadmium have concentration higher than the norms, on the date of analysis, prescribed by the Bureau of Indian Standards.

Question raised in Lok Sabha on contaminated drinking water, 23/07/2015. As on 1/4/2015, States have reported 66,761 rural habitation with water quality contaminations like arsenic, fluoride, iron, salinity and nitrate. State-wise details of water quality affected habitations which are yet to be provided with safe drinking water is at Annex-I. Under the centrally sponsored National Rural Drinking Water Programme (NRDWP), 67% of the funds released to States can be utilized for coverage and tackling water quality problems.

BENGALURU:The Karnataka high court has directed the various departments to ensure supply of clean drinking water to people of the border taluk of Pavagada, which is severely affected by a high fluo

Multivariate statistical techniques, cluster and principal component analysis were applied to the data on groundwater quality of Suri I and II Blocks of Birbhum District, West Bengal, India, to extract principal factors corresponding to the different sources of variation in the hydrochemistry as well as the main controls on the hydrochemistry.