Out of 146 samples of drinking water collected from government schools in Sangrur district, 57 have failed laboratory tests.

The Orissa State Pollution Control Board (OSPCB) will conduct an impact assessment study in Paradip area to ascertain whether gypsum, which is primarily used to produce fertilizers, is causing wate

Survey Held In 18 Dists Shows Large Number Of People With Dental, Skeletal Damage

Groundwater pollution due to anthropogenic activities may impact overall groundwater quality. Organic and inorganic pollutants have been routinely detected at unsafe levels in groundwater rendering this important drinking water resource practically unusable. Vulnerability of groundwater pollution and subsequent impact has been documented in various studies across the globe. Field studies as well as mathematical models have demonstrated increasing levels of pollutants in both shallow and deep aquifer systems.

It’s a wake–up call for the people of Guwahati.

Almost 22,000 people in two arid districts of Rajasthan in India can now swipe a card and collect 20 litres of clean, drinking water for Rs 5 (one-hundredth of a pound).

Chemical contamination of drinking water sources, particularly with fluoride and nitrate, is posing a serious health hazard to people in the villages of Gulbarga district.

Thousands of villages in the state still lack proper drinking water facility while one-third of them are only partially covered with adequate and safe drinking water.

A total of 26 district-level Government laboratories have been established in Chhattisgarh for testing the purity of drinking water.During the last three years, 56,388 samples of ground water sourc

Uttar Pradesh government may be headed for troubled waters over failure to curb extensive ground water contamination in the Singrauli area of Sonbhadra.