Majority of the population in the country is exposed to the hazards of drinking unsafe and polluted water from both surface and ground water sources.

A study was conducted on the residents of Bhupnagar, a fluoride endemic village in Gaya district, Bihar, to assess the ameliorating effect of amla (Emblica officinalis) on fluoride-induced toxicity. Fifty-three subjects of different age groups were included in the study. Among these, 27 subjects (test group) were given amla powder as dietary supplement for 9 months and the rest 26 subjects were kept as control (i.e. without dietary supplement). The mean urinary fluoride level in the test group was found to decline progressively during the period of supplementation.

Aggrieved villagers from the fluoride-affected and upland areas of the district staged a demonstration with empty drinking water containers made of clay here on Monday in an effort to draw the gove

VADODARA: With surface water becoming insufficient for consumption, ground water is the only option left to meet the city's demand.

A Rs. 365-crore proposal to ensure round-the-clock supply of drinking water to Chitradurga has been submitted to the State government, G.H. Thippareddy, MLA, has said.

Question raised in Rajya Sabha on contaminated water-related health problems, 17/03/2015. The number of cases of water borne diseases reported under IDSP during the year 2014-15 is given in this document. As per information provided by Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation, 14,132 habitations are affected by contamination of fluoride and 1991 habitations are affected by Arsenic. The details are also at this document.

In Assam, groundwater in 21 districts has so far been found contaminated with high amounts of arsenic, while the groundwater of nine districts has been found to be contaminated with high amounts of

NASHIK: The zilla parishad will start a week-long drive from March 16 to spread awareness about clean drinking water.

Sindri: State agencies had always promoted the use of hand pumps over village ponds until it was discovered that the hand pump water in Brahmin tola of Gharbar village under Baliapur block of Dhanb

Question raised in Rajya Sabha on fluoride in drinking water, 24/02/2015.