Sustainable forest management is a concept hostage to many global players

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Under the Lok Vaniki scheme, a farmer can extract benefits from his land by selling its produce, including timber

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Indian industry is huge. But most environmentalists believe it has done little to reduce pollution, which will only rise as the economy grows. The Centre for Science and Environment has launched a Green Rating Project to assess the industry’s environmenta

N J Rao, professor, Institute of Paper Technology, University of Roorkee, Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh, is one of the three technical consultants of the Green Rating Project GRP , undertaken by the Centre for Science and Environment, New Delhi. He spoke to

Farmers in Haryana have found a novel way to prevent rapid decline of natural forests in India. This method would also help support nearly 500 wood-based industries. They have demonstrated commercial

INDIAN corporate giants are slowly waking up to address the environmental needs of the country. in a significant move, big business houses are venturing into the agricultural sector and planting

What Canada wants in the UN from a forest convention is a mystery. Is it pushing a convention to protect its own economic interests in forestry?