Examples from Cameroon and other countries highlight the capacity of non-wood forest products to provide employment, income and sustenance in times of crisis


A moderate increase in funds allocated to forestry under India

TURA: The vast resources of raw bamboos found abundantly in the Garo Hills region is expected to transform the economy of the region, particularly the farmers, once it is converted into finished products.

The North Eastern Region Community Resource Management Project (NERCORP) in collaboration with the North Eastern Council (NEC) has expressed keenness to tap this resource for better use.

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This discussion paper explores the potential for addressing conflict in the forest sector through the use of company-led tools and mechanisms. A major conflict issue for many is that of

This paper highlights the regulatory issues and practical challenges related to the development of NTFP enterprises in Nepal. Identifies regulatory challenges that affect the key processes of forest?based enterprise management.

SHILLONG: Despite the Supreme Court ban on illegal tree felling and trade, unauthorised saw mills are still operating in West Garo Hills.

Finland is counting on the European Commission to use Russia

Developing community-based forest enterprises (CBFEs) is an ideal development intervention in poor forest communities as they have the potential to generate income and employment for the poor while supporting sustainable management of forest resources. This potential is limited by various constraints, many of which are unique to forest-based enterprises.