Greenland seeks to expand its energy and minerals industries to secure the revenues to gain full independence from Denmark. The 2014 oil price crash hit oil exploration hard, bringing disappointment to the local oil industry but relief to global environmentalists.

Increasingly the private sector is expected to finance access to modern energy services in developing countries. Yet governments and donors still have much to learn about working with business, while low-income markets are unfamiliar and risky for private investors.

This paper explores the emerging concept of ‘energy delivery models’, looking at the nuts and bolts of how energy is delivered from resource to user, focusing on how to reach the poor in terms of energy access and opportunities in the supply chain.

The UN’s Sustainable Energy for All initiative (SE4ALL) has a strong focus on the private sector to deliver universal energy access, improved efficiency and increased investment in renewable energy.

High prices and concerns about energy security in the oil and gas industry are driving expansion into ever more sensitive environments with greater technological, political and social risks. While brands such as BP, Shell and ExxonMobil are well known, some 70 per cent of oil and gas industry activities are typically contracted out to service providers and their subcontractors.

This discussion paper explores the potential for addressing conflict in the forest sector through the use of company-led tools and mechanisms. A major conflict issue for many is that of

The oil, gas and mining industries look set to remain major players in global development, despite urgent efforts to end the world

Development experts agree that ensuring access to sustainable
modern energy services is critical to achieving the Millennium
Development Goals. Some 2.4 billion people still use traditional
biomass fuels for cooking, often facing the risk of indoor air
pollution, while about 1.6 billion people have no access to
electricity. This report explores how international oil and