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With an aim to rejuvenate Gandhian principles and values and to immortalise the historical salt march undertaken by the Mahatma in March-April 1930, the UPA government has launched a unique Rs 25-crore green project for Dandi and the surrounding villages to transform the area into an eco-friendly tourist destination.

Dandi: The Green Action for National Dandi Heritage Initiative (Gandhi) memorial project was launched in Dandi, some 50 km off Surat, in coastal areas of Navsari district on Wednesday by Union minister of forest and environment Jairam Ramesh at Dandi.

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Dandi: One of the most important landmarks of India

Manas Dasgupta

DANDI (GUJARAT): Union Minister of State for Environment and Forests Jairam Ramesh launched the Green Action for National Dandi Heritage Initiative project in the historic coastal village in south Gujarat on Wednesday. It was at Dandi that Mahatma Gandhi launched his salt Satyagraha 80 years ago.

This paper looks at the claim that Gandhi is a human ecologist. After briefly stating the main elements of human ecology, the paper delineates the major influences, both Eastern and Western, on Gandhi

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In this article the issue of environment has been examined in depth from the ethical point of view. Environment and climate change are one of the biggest challenges facing humanity. Ethics can be defined as a set of standards that society places on itself which helps guide actions, options and behavior.

This essay integrates metaphysics, science, politics, political economy, and moral philosophy in order to explore the ways in which some Gandhian ideas, when given a genealogical reading in the dissenting thought of Early Modernity in Europe, might provide a deep basis for (a) diagnosing the religiosity of our own time, (b) making our secular ideals grounded in a more democratic mentality and cult

Khadi has strayed from its objective of providing a livelihood to artisans in rural areas. For preserving the ethos of khadi, rather than just tinker with the existing system a restructuring of the Khadi and Village Industries Commission is necessary. The potential of khadi needs to be exploited for its inherent worth rather than be supported for charity.

Gandhi's Hind Swaraj is more than a political text. It is an ontological drama staged by Gandhi, reflected in his treatises against "modern civilisation", and his critique of "modernity".


Gandhi has legions of admirers, but he has also been the target of severe, even virulent, criticism from numerous perspectives. Though Gandhi still commands veneration from many, he is also someone everyone loves to hate.

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