chungli , an industrial city of 300,000 people in Taoyan county, about 60 km from capital Taipei, is witnessing a poli-tical war over garbage. : great wall of trash' has been rising up in the city

Bangkok has long been overwhelmed by the inevitable by-product of modern economic growth - waste. But now investors are swarming in to set up and operate what could be one of Southeast

Alarmed over the negative impact of tourism in Goa, several citizens' groups have called for a cap on visitors arriving in the country's smallest state where the annual tourist arrivals is about to

A former cop shows a simple way to keep Delhi clean and green

Garbage floating in the oceans could pose a threat to marine life. One such site is a remote group of islands in the Indian ocean, 1,500 km southwest of Jakarta, Indonesia, where the population of

German researchers have hit upon a novel technique that converts waste plastics into multiple gains for steel industry

Making the best of the worst could be the underlying theme behind the garbage revolution in Nigeria

An expedition was launched recently in a bid to clean up the mess atop Mount Everest, the world's highest peak. Fifteen Nepali climbers set out with empty sacks to collect 1,500 kg of garbage in

Even the tiniest microbes could help spruce up our foul environment when let loose on domestic waste. Researchers in Delhi are now advocating the use of this miniscule life form to solve the huge problem of urban waste. These tiny do gooders do not

With garbage piling mountain-high in Nepal, countries like Russia are now taking up the cause of cleaning up the awe-inspiring Mount Everest. Oleg Fedorov, a Russian ecologist believes that it is