Government officials here are reviewing the safety of a geothermal energy project that scientists say set off an earthquake in mid-August, shaking buildings and frightening many residents of this small city.

A $17 million energy project in California that was supposed to demonstrate the feasibility of extracting vast amounts of heat from the earth

The Obama administration

Prachi Raturi Misra

: Today, 10 CEOs will brainstorm on environmental issues in the capital. The CEO roundtable is being organised as a part of the 3rd Renewable Energy India 2009 Expo.

Public awareness about the "catastrophe" of climate change is not high enough to pressure politicians into taking action, former Vice President Al Gore said on Tuesday.

Gore, who shared a Nobel Prize in 2007 for his environmental campaigning, said politicians will only do more once the people who elect them force the issue.

Offices of a private firm in Islamabad have become one the first place in the country to have been powered by geothermal energy. Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB) facilitated Shan Geothermal in setting up of a pilot project of geothermal earth energy in line with the government

General Electric's Energy Financial Services is working on thousands of megawatts of renewable energy projects, but is not likely to move forward until the U.S. government decides on rules for new grants, an executive in the company's energy business said on Tuesday.

Pakistan has become a signatory of International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) along with other 87 countries of the world. The Ambassador of Pakistan to Germany Shahid Kamal signed the statute of the International Renewable Energy Agency on behalf of the Government of Pakistan at a special signing ceremony held at German Foreign Office.

The launch of a UK project to extract geothermal energy from hot dry rocks comes soon after two high-profile setbacks elsewhere in the world.

The Philippines hopes to attract $9-10 billion in investments in renewable energy projects over the next 10 years as a law giving investors fiscal incentives takes effect next month, a top official said on Monday.

"Our objective is to double the power being generated from renewable energy sources, from 4,500 MW to 9,000 MW in 10 years," Energy Secretary Angelo Reyes told a news briefing.