The International Geothermal Association (IGA) has reported that 10,715 MW of geothermal power in 24 countries is online, which is expected to generate 67,246 GWh of electricity in 2010. This represents a 20% increase in online capacity since 2005.

IMAP, Inc., an exclusive global merger and acquisition (M&A) organization, is pleased to announce the availability of its 2010 Alternative Energy Global Report. The report details M&A activity in the alternative energy industry by country and region for the last 12 months, growth projections for the remainder of 2010 and beyond, and insight into industry trends.

Smriti Bhargavai, Shrawan Nigam

This report details trends in the renewable energy sector across the world. Finds that investment in renewable energy power capacity (excluding large hydro) in 2009 was comparable to that in fossil-fuel generation, at around $100 billion each. <br>

Geothermal energy is energy available as heat contained in or discharged from the earth

Origin Energy Ltd, the Australian electricity and gas retailer, and India

Enormous amount of heat energy at high temperature is locked up inside the earth. It remains confined by the earth's crust, which is a good heat insulator, but escapes at the edges of tectonic plates in the form of volcanic eruptions, hot springs and geysers.

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa wants to make Los Angeles the "cleanest, greenest big city" in the United States, but a key project to bring renewable energy across the desert to the city could change under pressure from environmental groups.

Government officials here are reviewing the safety of a geothermal energy project that scientists say set off an earthquake in mid-August, shaking buildings and frightening many residents of this small city.

A $17 million energy project in California that was supposed to demonstrate the feasibility of extracting vast amounts of heat from the earth