A proposal by the Panaji municipality to make Baiguinim in old Goa a permanent waste disposal site has hit a roadblock after protests by local people and heritage experts. Spread over an area of

But no right to information

A month in prison drives man to suicide

jn-nurm gets a chair: The Union ministry of urban development has appointed Ramesh Ramanathan, founder of Janaagraha, a citizens' movement on participatory democracy, as the honorary national

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Rampant pollution and state inaction forces farmers to attack and kill a miner in Goa

The mokasodari system has its origin in pre-liberation Goa when mokasodars used to collect revenue from the villagers. Says Amrut Kasar, land rights expert, a mokasodar was not just a revenue collectors, he enjoyed a high social and political status in the village. The Portuguese colonial rulers allowed the mokasodar's permanent land rights.

But there is no legal clarity over these rights because the original residents of the villages, the goankars, also claim ownership over the land they have been tilling and living on for centuries now.

Recently tonnes of oil slick and oil tar were washed off into the Arabian Sea, polluting half a dozen beaches in Goa. This is the second such incident to have occurred this year in India's top

Goa trawler owners protest against fishing ban during monsoon proves to be a damp squib

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