New rules to restrict the use of plastic in India may end up promoting the polymer industry

Doubts over eco friendly nature of export oriented plant

Goa pays a price for unchecked mining, says a study

In a significant judgement, the Goa High Court ordered removal of all the developmental work carried out by the Tata Housing Development Company in Goa. The court directed restoration of the land to

GOA's forest department recently organised a workshop to discuss its research priorities, and debated in detail the location and preservation of natural reserves. "Problems of the ill-effects of

The Goan government echoes environmental concerns in its state budget

three commercial farms, Narsinv Plantations, Reliance Agro Industries and Hoysala Farms, have decided to challenge renewal of mining leases by the powerful mining industry in Goa. The farms are

After the proposed Nylon 6,6 plant in Goa was discussed threadbare and opposed by many, the Greens succeeded in having the project shifted out

After successfully thwarting the efforts of the Thapar-Dupont combine to set up a Nylon 6,6 project in their state, Goan greens are now opposing the construction of a multi-million glass fibre plant

DuPont slimes out of catastrophe responsibility