An earthquake rocked the Kangra valley at 5:51 pm today. It measured 3.6 on the Richter scale and lasted five seconds. Its epicentre was in the Kangra mountains.

Against attack on Morcha leaders

SHIMLA: Hundreds protested against the February 14 attack on five leaders of

Climate and its variability have been and continues to be the principal source of exceptional fluctuations which wreaked havoc on forests. In Chamba, up to an elevation of 1,800 m chir pine (Pinus roxburghii Sargent) is the main naturally occurring coniferous tree in forests.

Dams have had serious impacts on the lives, livelihoods, cultures and spiritual existence of indigenous, tribal and illiterate people, moreover on the physical environmental conditions and on the biodiversity of the area concerned. The dam related developmental activities in Ravi catchment area have been threatening the biodiversity in the whole catchment.

Himachal Pradesh offers ideal condition for horticulture-based economy because of its diversity in topography, altitude, and agro-climate.

Patients seek cures from a variety of medical systems. In the traditional medical systems, medical traditions partly cover other sectors of social life. In contrast to traditional health care system, the official health care system is based on Western science and technology. Gaddis employ different ways in case of sickness. Traditional medical knowledge is coded in to household cooking practices, home remedies; ill health prevention and health maintenance beliefs and routines. Like other rural parts of India, health care in Bharmour among Gaddis is characterised by medical pluralism.

goa town planning minister resigns: Embroiled in a controversy over the Goa State Regional Plan 2011, the state's town and country planning minister, Atanasio Monserrate, resigned from the cabinet on January 3, 2006. In less than a week, the Goa chief minister, Pratapsinh Rane, sworn in BJP legisator Manohar Azgaokar in his place. Rane described the resignation as a decision "taken in haste'. But Monserrate blamed his party colleagues for his resignation, as they did not back him in the controversy surrounding the regional plan.