IBM is pushing ahead into providing technology services to manage water, a market $10 billion market that the company sees growing quickly.

"This to me is an area that's really going to explode in the next three to five years," said Sharon Nunes, who heads IBM's Big Green Innovations initiative. "People see it as a gap. The water market is transforming."

A floating dredge lowered a clamshell bucket to the bottom of the Hudson River on Friday and pulled up a load of muck contaminated with PCBs

Twenty-five years after the federal government declared a long stretch of the Hudson River to be a contaminated Superfund site, the cleanup of its chief remaining source of pollution began here Friday with a single scoop of mud extracted by a computer-guided dredge.

hudson river, flowing through many us cities, will soon be depolluted. The us Environmental Protection Agency (epa) recently gave a nod to a massive

Scientists have discovered that nature may be slowly scrubbing the lower portion of the river Hudson of its pollution. During a year long study of the river's lower estuary, scientists from the

new york's attorney general filed a lawsuit against General Electric Company (ge) to put pressure on the industrial giant to dredge parts of the Hudson River that has been contaminated with