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Scientists have discovered an oestrogen derivative that controls tumours and could be effective against other diseases like arthritis

Entire tree species face the threat of extinction from the increasing concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide

A NEW batch of occupants has moved into Biosphere 2 -- the glass and steel structure enclosing 3 ha in Oracle, Arizona, where scientists are trying to create a miniature earth complete with rain

THE endangered lion-tailed macaque has become the mascot of the environmental agitation against the Sharavathy Tail Race Hydroelectric Project in Karnataka. Concerned about its negative impact on

IN THE first occurrence of its kind in a wild species, scientists report that fruit bats males (Dyacopterus spadiceus) occasionally lactate. Till now, this oddity was seen only in humans and

INTERNATIONAL Business Machines Inc, the market leader for the large and powerful mainframe computers, is adapting its machines to the growing demand for smaller, more flexible and less costly

Out of Africa

Can the high pollution levels in Delhi lead a person to commit suicide? A 40-year-old deputy secretary in the ministry of rural development, L Balachandra, had committed suicide at his Pragati Vihar

The increase in greenhouse gas emissions and damage to the ozone layer hold far more serious consequences for human health than earlier imagined

Conserving the Malabar civet is good economics