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A sleepy town finds its rivers dirtied

The cost of environmental degradation is rising steeply in India, says the World Bank

Catano in Puerto Rico is a small town inhabited by some 35,000 people. But in an ordinary sunny day, hardly any children are seen playing in the streets, and many houses bear a deserted look.

THE draft of the Biological Diversity Act which is soon expected to be tabled in Parliament, is full of loopholes, says Vandana Shiva, director the Research Foundation for Science, Technology and

Death and disease are closely linked to economic well-being. The greatest number of people in sub-Saharan Africa or India die due to communicable diseases, which have close associations with poverty

Where have the mango varieties, stolen from orchards or plucked from trees in the backyard, gone?

Virus attacks threaten the famed malbhog and virupakshi varieties of banana with extinction

It was one of those dreary afternoons in the office of the Samuel Rosanglura, deputy director, department of horticulture, government of Mizoram, till he and his colleagues were goaded to go to their past, and talk about the fruits they ate. It turned out

Spreading awareness of the medicinal value of makhana may help in cultivating a market for this uncommon fruit

Taking off from its climatic range Himalayan to tropical India has much to offer in terms of fruit diversity. Large varieties of major fruits are native to the land, but countless other types are also grown throughout India. The bad news is many, many