With several regions facing severe deficit in the monsoon, an agriculture ministry advisory has asked farmers to grow contingency crops such as short-duration pulses and millets and prepare the soi

PANJIM: Despite receiving some respite from the dry spell the State has witnessed since Friday, Goa’s rainfall deficit is still 25 percent.

This year's early withdrawal of the southwest monsoon from western India could lead to an early onset of the northeast monsoon over southern states.

Rarely have farmers in Rajasthan felt more frustrated during a monsoon than they have felt in the 2015 season.

Falling water levels in 91 major reservoirs to hit availability for irrigation & drinking

India's monsoon rains are likely to be below the prior forecast of 88 percent of the long-term average, the weather office chief said, which could make it the driest year since 2009 and worsen rura

In the end, the Madden Julian Oscillation and Indian Ocean Dipole failed to cancel out the warming of the Pacific — a situation the Met Office had predicted as early as in April, giving govts time

August ended with a higher-than-anticipated rainfall deficit of 22% and with top India Meteorological Department officials saying the monsoon could start withdrawing in the next few days, the chanc

The first half of the season recorded mixed rainfall, with June recording 116 per cent of LPA and July 83 per cent, which was deficient.

At least 13 per cent of the divisions had excess rainfall, 51 per cent had normal and