Hyderabad: Climate change is as much a local worry as it is global. Over the years minimum and maximum temperatures have been rising in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

The woes of the residents of the Capital persist as the air quality of the city continued to deteriorate oscillating between the categories of poor and very poor.

MUMBAI: On Thursday morning, humidity levels in the city peaked, hitting 98% in south Mumbai and 80% in the suburbs. Peaked moisture levels have high potential to hold pollutants, say experts.

NEW DELHI: If you live in Delhi, pray for rains.

CHENNAI: Within a couple of hours of receipt of memorandum on the losses caused by heavy rains in Tamil Nadu from Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa on Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi allocated Rs

HYDERABAD: More than 50 per cent additional rainfall than forecasted across Rayalaseema and rest of South India over the past two weeks, have got the scientific community worried about major climat

The residents of the national capital continue to grapple with high level of particulate matters in air with pockets of the city recording “very unhealthy” level of pollution which holds out medica

The warmth of winter months has increased significantly over the past 100 years.

The 7.5-magnitude earthquake, which the Indian Meteorological Department described as great in intensity, had a marginal effect on the life and property in the Kashmir valley.

Will analyse weather data collected over the years for better predictions in drought-prone regions.