With lightning on an average striking four persons dead in every five days during a year in Odisha, the fact of the matter is it simultaneously also indicates to some ‘thunderous’ upheavals happeni

The skyman announce that it would strike the Kerala coast on June 7 (plus or minus four days).

Agriculture-related stocks continued to outperform benchmark indices and stayed high in May also on expectation of robust monsoon this year after consecutive years of drought in the past two years.

Weatherman has forecast rain or thundershowers in most parts of West Bengal for the next two days

Ahmedabad: The number of days of moderate and severe heat waves engulfing Gujarat over more than a decade is steadily increasing.

Blistering heat torrefied north India with Palodhi in Rajasthan simmering at 51 degrees and the maximum in Ahmedabad shattering a century-old record at 480C even as the weatherman said cyclonic sto

Palodhi in Rajasthan simmers at 51 degrees; Ahmedabad breaks 100-year-old record

W Rajasthan Among World's Hottest Areas

Jaipur: Rajasthan continued to reel under heat wave even as light rainfall brought down day temperatures in western parts of the state.

The southwest monsoon is likely to set over Kerala on June 7, says IMD