Raipur: India's drought-prone area has increased by 57 per cent since 1997.

Severe heat wave gripped most parts of Gujarat with temperatures in several parts of the state crossing 43 degrees Celsius prompting the city administration here to issue warning people to take pre

Temperatures ranged between 43-46ºC in these districts with Ramagundam recording the highest.

According to Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) heatwave conditions prevailed in many parts of Khammam and Karimnagar districts.

Bhubaneswar: India Meteorology Department (IMD) on Thursday issued severe heatwave warning in coastal Odisha as temperature started soaring again after a slight drop.

As many as 87 people died between January and March this year owing to a heatwave, with the first three months of 2016 experiencing significantly abovenormal temperatures.

Emergency response mechanisms were alerted across Kerala on Wednesday following a midday warning issued by the India Meteorology Department (IMD) that heatwave conditions are likely to prevail at i

BHUBANESWAR: The Odisha Government on Monday declared an early summer vacation for schools as the blistering conditions prevailing across the State showed no sign of a let-up while the predictions

Ahmedabad: Most parts of Gujarat continued to face hot and humid weather on Wednesday.

The present study examines the role of tropical cyclones in the enhancement of tropospheric ozone. The most significant and new observation reported is the increase in the upper-tropospheric (10–16 km) ozone by 20–50 ppbv, which has extended down to the middle (6–10 km) and lower troposphere ( <  6 km). The descent rate of enhanced ozone layer during the passage of tropical cyclone is 0.8–1 km day−1, which is three times that of a clear-sky day (non-convective).