Experts believe that the smog which enveloped Indonesia last year may return to aggravate the economic crisis that has engulfed the country

Orangutans are being driven out of their habitat by the forest fires in Indonesia

With its total peatland extending over 26 million ha, Indonesia has the world's fourth largest reserves of peat. This Indonesian peat has a calorific value of 22 mega joules per kg. Experts say that

Irian Jaya, in Indonesia, is witnessing the descretion of its rainforests by a mining firm; an oft repeated story, one would think, but the implications are no less frightening

The world's largest gold mine, operated by a us-based company in Timika, a mining town of Irian Jaya in the easternmost island of Indonesia, has been closed following largescale riots which

Environmental reasons have weighed heavily in the decision of the usbased Overseas Private Investment Corporation (opic) to terminate us $100 million worth of political risk insurance on

Firms owned by the Indonesian government will have a 49 per cent stake in 2 forest concessions of Barito Pacific Timber, according to an agreement reached in September between the government and the

RECENT research in Indonesia has revealed that urban waste and bagasse from sugar cane can be used to generate electricity, reports Dewi Sartika for Panos Features. This would also help solve the

Indonesia's decision to comply with the International Timber Trade Organisation's policy on tropical timber, has sparked fears of an adverse impact on trade.

Large foreign debts have forced Indonesia to give in to World Bank pressure and adopt structural economic changes.