Indonesia's National Family Planning Board has opened a 24-hour AIDS telephone information line -- the AIDS/HIV Information and Consultancy Service -- for Jakarta residents. According to the daily

Flowers may wither, but not their importance in the cultures of most countries

The saga of Indonesia's dam of misery continues

Indonesia is excited over the development of a new strain of cocoa. The locally- developed strain has twin benefits: it makes far tastier chocolate, and is also resistant to a disease that

SINCE Rachel Carson's Silent Spring , written in 1962, tried to wake the world to the damage pesticides can do both to human health and the environment, the limitations of chemical pesticides have

President Suharto of Indonesia is under fire for allegedly diverting $189 million intended for the forestry ministry's rainforest preservation programme to the state-owned aircraft maker, Industri

Despite strong opposition, the Indonesia is going ahead with its plan to build 12 nuclear power plants

Indonesian farmers are seething with anger at the government's penchant for building golf resorts. To make way for the greens, the peasants are being forced to move out in search of other pastures,

A PROPOSED dam in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia, has raised a storm of protest, reports Dewi Sartika. The hydro-electric project is to be sited at Lore Lindu National Park, in Donggala Regency, about

High prices and illegal shipments of inferior quality have badly affected Madagascar's status as premier vanilla producer.