A recent report prepared by the University of Indonesia predicts that almost 12,000 to 3 1,000 people in the country will die of AIDS by the turn of the century. A poor medical surveillance

Large tracts of tropical peat forests will be cleared to make way for rice-fields, horticulture and plantations as part of a huge rice development project initia-ted by the government. The

Riots erupted recently in the towns surrounding the American-owned Freeport McMoRan copper and gold mine in Irian Jaya, Indonesia. An estimated 6,000 tribals attacked Freeport's offices in three

The government's decision to change the way of distributing urea aimed at achieving self-sufficiency in rice production, has boomeranged. There is wide-spread food shortage and some rural

What do red-knobbed hornbills of Indonesia have in common with the -rain forest of Sulawesi? A 16t, it seems. They help in maintaining and regenerating the rain forests of the region

Envirocoal may just prove to be a rich find for Indonesia. This extremely clean burning coal from Borneo mined by P T Adaro, an Indonesian and Australian company, has a low content of sulphur

Primitive men still exist in this modern era. In Indonesia a tribe has been discovered which still dwells in trees and actually practices cannibalism. The tribesmen were spotted in tree houses in the

Although termed "forest weed" or "the poor man's timber" bamboo's potential may satisfy modernity's growing needs

A gigantic "tree-felling" scam has recently been unearthed in Indonesia.

A downturn in rice production has caused a scare in Indonesia. As the country celebFates the 50th anniversary of its independence, a prolonged drought and a marauding pest called the 'brown