This SEI report discusses efforts to help Indigenous People adapt to climate change by combining their traditional ecological knowledge with scientific and technological sources of information about agriculture and climate change. It is based on a case study of climate field schools conducted in rural Bali.

The world's top economies on Saturday pushed India on the scheduled rollout of trade facilitation agreement (TFA) later this month, while merely assuring that its concerns over food subsidy would b

The WTO’s Bali Ministerial Conference concluded a day later than scheduled on December 7, 2013, with agreement on a package of issues designed to streamline trade, allow developing countries more options for providing food security, boost least developed countries’ trade and help development more generally.

The Cabinet Committee on World Trade Organization on Monday will deliberate on the stand India should take in the upcoming Ninth WTO Ministerial Talks in Bali next month.

Study finds visitors to Bali, the Gambia and Goa use 16 times as much water as locals, causing conflict and disease

A magnitude 6.1 earthquake jolted Indonesia's popular resort island of Bali today, injuring more than 50 persons and sending others fleeing from their hotels and houses in panic.

A powerful earthquake today jolted Indonesia’s popular resort island of Bali, causing widespread panic and injuring at least 50 people, many with broken bones and head wounds.

The purpose of this guide is to assist developing country negotiators and others who are working on REDD-plus. The guide is divided into three parts: Part I considers REDD-plus in the negotiations; Part II contains general negotiating tips for new REDD-plus negotiators and others; Part III contains UNFCCC documents that are often referred to in REDD-plus negotiations.

The analytical report on international climate financing architecture for cities & local governments in the developing world. Says that cities need to be informed on their options, provided with a supportive framework and right tools to utilize sustainable solutions.

Over the past two years the international negotiations on climate change have focused on negotiating a comprehensive