The aim of the recent UN climate change conference in Nusa Dua (Bali, Indonesia) was widely held to be two-fold. To finalise the operational details of the Kyoto Protocol Adaptation Fund (AF), and to put together a

The Bali meet offered the following to developing countries:

Adaptation Fund:

This article concludes that the outcome of the Bali meeting is insufficient when compared to the nature of the challenge posed by climate change. However, it can nevertheless be considered a success in terms of 'realpolitik' in paving the way for the negotiations ahead, because some real changes have been discerned in the political landscape.

In Bali and after, India must take strong, proactive and a leadership role on climate change. It must ask for tougher emission cuts by rich nations. India must suggest the framework within which it can take action to

indonesia recently put forward a proposal asking rich countries to pay developing nations for preserving forests. The country plans to table the proposal at the next un climate change conference, which is scheduled for December this year in Bali.