A breakthrough international accord to curb global warming is within reach but major hurdles still loom including resistance to a legally binding accord, France's foreign minister said in an interv

Efforts to forge a new global agreement on global warming will not repeat the mistakes that dogged the landmark climate summit in Copenhagen five years ago, Ban Ki-moon’s special envoy on climate c

This paper explores options for a hybrid approach in the 2015 agreement, focusing in particular on mitigation efforts, rather than the broader array of issues under consideration in the Ad Hoc Working Group on the Durban Platform (ADP), such as finance, technology, and adaptation.

The purpose of this guide is to assist developing country negotiators and others involved in the negotiations on REDD-plus.

The United States Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) and the US Exim Bank have evaded any response to the central contention of the recent release from Centre for Science and Environment (http://www.cseindia.org/content/us-using-climate-finance-kill-in

About 40 kilometres from Delhi, in the bustling real estate market of Noida-Greater Noida, lies the biggest irony that the renewable energy industry faces. Indosolar, the country’s largest manufacturer of solar photovoltaic cells, has set up a 400 megawatt unit. Its entrance is slick and ultra-modern, typifying the product it manufactures. Stepping into the 28,000 square metre production unit, one is struck by the shimmering clean, futuristic and sleek production line, symbolic of the clean future that solar power promises.

This paper examines the outcomes from Durban by analysing the new negotiating structure set up for the next decade, the prospects from securing a Kyoto arrangement and understanding why the Durban decisions are not sufficient to stay below the 2°C limit stated in the Copenhagen Accord and the Cancun Agreements.

A summit meeting of heads of government is needed to strengthen global ambition on climate change — we should start preparing now, says Michael Jacobs.

Stockholm Institute’s Report Stirs Debate On India’s Stand

Global climate talks in South Africa next month will not produce a "big bang" capable of producing a new and binding pact to slash greenhouse gases, but steady progress could be made, a senior Euro