Tackling the problem of global climate change requires a high level of international cooperation. Many countries have pledged targets or actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the Appendices to the Copenhagen Accord. This analysis examines the costs and effectiveness of these pledges, using the OECD

NEW DELHI: The Rio de Janeiro meeting of BASIC countries

This report by energy, regional, and humanitarian disaster specialists at CSIS examines the politics of climate change in Asia, the region

International climate negotiators may be on the brink of abandoning emissions targets aimed at limiting warming to 2

The prospect of an international agreement to halt dangerous climate change may seem more remote than ever following the talks that ended last week in Bonn, Germany. The delegates there appeared to be more interested in being cordial than in delivering on science-based targets.

T. Jayaraman

The attempted negotiation

With little progress being made in the climate talks underway in Bonn for the past one and half weeks, India and China Wednesday stressed on the need to go back to basics and re-start the process from the first principles enshrined in the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

Urmi A Goswami BONN

While there has been a general frustration at the lack of progress in the climate talks, it is evident that the ongoing meetings in Bonn are struggling to address more pressing issue at hand

Near-Resolved Issue Of Putting Up Technology Mechanism Reopens For Debate At Climate Meet
Urmi A Goswami BONN