Caged Cruelty Animals have a right to freedom, even if they are in zoos. At an animal park in Java, investigators found an orang utan kept in a concrete cage with garbage inside. In Bali, a pig

In a bid to boost investment, Indonesia will issue a fresh set of rules

The waters of the Raja Ampat islands of Indonesia may be the most species-rich sea in the world, indicates a recent survey. An international team of marine biologists, who recently examined the

The Indonesian government has banned the domestic and international sale of ramin, a valuable tree species. "This has been done to protect the Tanjung Putting Park

To contain the spread of foot-and-mouth disease, Indonesia has banned the import of leather goods from Argentina and France. The country's agriculture department issued the ban and said that it would

Former Indo

The orang-utan, one of human's closest relatives, may be extinct in the next 20 years if the uncontrolled destruction of Indonesia's forests continues in its present manner, according to a report by

Millions of families are facing acute food shortages and malnutrition, says a report of the World Food Programme ( wfp ), and the Food and Agriculture Organisation ( fao ). The

Millions of

For the first time, China looks serious towards the environmental problems. It has recently put the environment protection issue in the government's priority list, which is at par with agriculture,